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I have some excellent news in the Saint for Rent merch department! Now that the Volume 2 Kickstarter goods have hit my DFTBA shop, we have a couple of new SfR bundles this August that I think are pretty neat!

  • Buy both SfR 1 + 2 Standard Editions -> Get a free 2020 Print Set!

  • Buy both SfR 1 + 2 Limited Editions -> Get free 2020 and 2023 Print Sets!

(Note: Don't add the Print Sets to your cart for this bundle, unless you want to buy more prints. :D)

Also, for those of you waiting for a sale, check out the APPEAL! bundles. :3

  • The APPEAL! Bundle with everything shown above is $29!

  • The very first APPEAL! Sketchbook zine is on sale with the Print Set for $12!

(Note: Werewolf Lawyer+ tiers on my PATREON + KO-FI, remember to add your 15% discount code at checkout! :D)

Recently, I’ve had a little time off from Status Royale, my upcoming series with VIZ, so I’ve been plotting out the next installment of Saint for Rent.

It’s one of those projects that I pick back up when my schedule permits and I have new life experiences to bring to the story, so it’s something I intend to finish even if it’s slow progress. :) Thanks, readers, for sticking around on all our little detours~

Shopping Links

DFTBA (NEW GOODS!) - Do you like physical merch? Well, this is the place for you! Books, acrylic goods, stickers, and prints! Some of it even comes signed! Yay! / Gumroad - For the PDF connoisseurs, I deliver the fine wares of my indie work.

Hivemill - Saint for Rent prints and mugs! Contemplate time travel while enjoying your hot beverage.

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