Yup, it's just Ru's newsletter! 👍

It’s the last two days of my moving sale at DFTBA! 🎉

⏩My online store will be closing this summer!
⏩Stuff that sells out will not return!

If you’ve been eyeing something in my shop, now’s the time to check it out! Werewolf Lawyer+ tiers at my Patreon and Ko-fi, be sure to use your code for an additional 20% off!

VIZ’s official website - Status Royale Volume 1 is out!

DFTBA (flash sale!!!) - Do you like physical merch? Well, this is the place for you! Books, acrylic goods, stickers, and prints! Some of it even comes signed! Yay!

itch.io / Gumroad - For the PDF connoisseurs, I deliver the fine wares of my indie work.

Hivemill - Saint for Rent prints and mugs! Contemplate time travel while enjoying your hot beverage.

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