Ru Xu @ ECCC 2024!

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Hi, everyone! I’m going to be at Emerald City Comic Con this year! Hold on, let me also copy-paste the emoji setup I painstakingly curated for this on my socials…

🟢 💫Ru Xu at ECCC! 🟢
🟢 Exhibitor's Hall: BOOTH 20218 🟢

🕐 Signing times 🕐
FRI: 2-5 pm
SAT: 2-5 pm

And it’s CENTERED for the newsletter! Fancy, eh? 🎩 😸✨ I’m going to be at the Organized Havoc booth, so be sure to arrive in time for the Status Royale Giveaway and Signing! While supplies last~ 😘

Rounding up some highlights of Status Royale’s release day~!

(…Look, I’m allowed to brag in my own newsletter, okay! 🥺 Please clap.)

The ebook hit #1 on Kindle best sellers for Sports Manga on release day! Above Haikyu!!, one of my formative faves!?

The physical book also hit #2 in new releases, too! I think it managed to land in the #20s overall in ALL Sports Manga, which is wild, considering how many volumes of popular series there are!

VIZ also featured Status Royale on their social media pages!

And Vell, our plucky protagonist, received some fanart from the incredibly power Rem, who draws Devil’s Candy! Rem will also be at ECCC this year, too, but she’s in the Artist Alley!

Hurray! 🥳 Thanks for your support, everyone! Catch ya at ECCC!

VIZ’s official website - Status Royale Volume 1 is out, babey!!

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