May the 4th Be With You -- for Free Comic Book Day!

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Hi everyone! Some cool news this month! Let’s dig in! 😎 

Looking for signed copies of Status Royale in Texas? You’ll find them at Kinokuniya and at Bedrock City Comics!

As you know, I did an author tour around Texas in March for the release of Status Royale! Thanks to all the locals who dropped by the Kinokuniya stores as well as MiniCon hosted by Bedrock City Comics! Here are some highlights from the trip!

(If you’re in Dallas, Austin, or Houston, be sure to visit the local Kinokuniya to see the Vell I drew for each store! 😋)

It’s Vell! (And Blue from NewsPrints!)

What! We’re being promoted next to One Piece?!

Did you hear?! VIZ is releasing a chapter of Status Royale out for free into your local comic book stores — for Free Comic Book Day!

May 4th! This weekend! Be sure to grab your free comics~! 📚️ 

Moving sale!

Final news for today: I’m changing shop fronts! Time to clear out old inventory to make room for new merch at the new place! 💫 And thus, as they say, everything must go!

My DFTBA store is doing a flash sale, so make sure to take advantage of the discounts while you can! 🎉 

(Patreon and Ko-fi subscribers at the Werewolf Lawyer tier and higher: be sure to use your discount code for an additional 20% off!)

VIZ’s official website - Status Royale Volume 1 is out!

DFTBA (flash sale!!!) - Do you like physical merch? Well, this is the place for you! Books, acrylic goods, stickers, and prints! Some of it even comes signed! Yay! / Gumroad - For the PDF connoisseurs, I deliver the fine wares of my indie work.

Hivemill - Saint for Rent prints and mugs! Contemplate time travel while enjoying your hot beverage.

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