Your First Ru's-Letter of 2024!

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Hello, hello!

I am…! Less than 40 pages away from finishing the pencilling stage of Volume 2 of Status Royale!

I’ve been saving these scenes for last, for when I could drive around Vell’s hometown of Houston to get photos. They’re doing the heavy lifting in the backgrounds of these panels! Work smarter, not harder — as you know! 😉 

Who’s ice skating?!

You can check out the Weekly Snapshots in my work journal on Patreon! For a monthly compilation of the same content, it’s on my Ko-fi!

I’ve also released both PDF sketchbooks of 2023 for the Outlaw King tiers! 🥳 

Vell and Henry from Status Royale grace the covers of last year!

The 2023 Summer Collection has a bunch of process/concept art for the next update of Aldric’s Letter Brigade!

Crunchy drawings~

The 2023 Winter Collection is all Status Royale!

Vell and Jun’s friendship prior to canon.

I had the opportunity to take a weekend trip to Chicago and attend the Genshin Impact orchestral concert!

It was a very fun little break from my deadlines, but it also meant I came back to face the consequences of taking a break from my deadlines. 😂

It was a magical experience! ✨ 

I posted about the trip with more detail and photos in my January 11th entry of my Patreon work diary. I included a photo of my very casual closet cosplay of Wanderer from Genshin~! 🫣 It’ll also be in my January post on Ko-fi as well!

Status Royale Chapter 8 is up!

Mini Tournament Arc, GO!

Vell makes a new friend as she and her team join a tournament to prove their mettle! Let’s get ready to rumble~!

🎮️ Status Royale updates on the VIZ Manga App, first Friday of every month! 😄 

I post sneak peeks of the first few pages early for the Mysterious Traveler+ tiers of Patreon + Ko-fi!

Pre-order Volume 1 of Status Royale now, Get it in February!

That’s right, it’s almost February 13th — Volume 1’s release! Here are some places you can order this baby online! 😄 


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