December Tidings to You and Your Kin! ✨

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Hi, everyone!

I’ve had such a busy December already! Earlier this month, VIZ flew me over to their headquarters to film some videos for their social media accounts! ☁✈☁ I had so much fun, and I think you'll get a laugh out of it when the clips drop on TikTok and Instagram stories in 2024! 😂

Main lobby of VIZ HQ!

Everyone was super nice me, and I got a couple of photos of myself with the life-sized (???) Jotaro Kujo statue in their lobby. 🌟🐬👊 

I posted about my trip in more detail in my December 7th entry of my Patreon work diary. It's also a face reveal post, too, if you're new to the Ru~ 🤭 I’ll be including it in my December post on Ko-fi as well!

Also! Reminder! There is a holiday sale on ☘️ Saint for Rent and 🦇 APPEAL! books + prints for December!! 🎇 

Ru’s shop!

And DFTBA does flat shipping rates for orders within the USA! 💌

🐺 Werewolf Lawyer+ tiers on Patreon/Ko-fi, don't forget your code for an additional 10% OFF at checkout!

Status Royale Chapter 7 is up!

As Vell and friends grind to get into their first tournament in time, Jun and Team Dollars are gearing up for a marketing blitz~

And what’s this? A new team arrives on the scene!? 💖

Prepare to be Starstruck!

Gosh, I wonder how the North American League’s Top 10 teams will interact with each other… and Vell’s team! LOL

🎮️ Status Royale updates on the VIZ Manga App, first Friday of every month! 😄 

I do post sneak peeks of the first few pages early for the Mysterious Traveler+ tiers of Patreon + Ko-fi!

In life news, I’ve picked up journaling my thoughts again this year! 📖✍ My entries aren’t very long, but every once in a while, I’ll have a personal insight on a matter I’ve been mulling over for some time. 💡

Some “splash pages” from my journal that I shared on Patreon!

I really like washi tape and stickers, but I was hesitant to use them up because then I wouldn't have them anymore. Especially ones I got from friends as gifts! Now, I save strips of each tape in my journal. That way, I can feel free to finish the rest of the roll. 😊

DFTBA (HOLIDAY SALE!) - Do you like physical merch? Well, this is the place for you! Books, acrylic goods, stickers, and prints! Some of it even comes signed! Yay! / Gumroad - For the PDF connoisseurs, I deliver the fine wares of my indie work.

Hivemill - Saint for Rent prints and mugs! Contemplate time travel while enjoying your hot beverage.

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