Can you believe~ it's~ ✨September✨

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Ah, yes, the ninth month of the year!

…Would you believe me if I said I had to take a google moment to make sure it was the ninth because I forgot two Caesars injected their own months in between June and September?

Anyway, sorry—ANYWAY!! I do have news!


Status Royale is being serialized in the VIZ Manga App! 😄 You’re a real manga now, SR! Yay! So, what’s this series about?

Choose your teammates carefully and rank up fast because in the world of esports, anyone can snatch the crown!

Status Royale is THE game to master if you want to join the rank of elite players in the competitive world of VR esports. Vell is just having fun as a casual gamer with her best friend and teammate Jun teaching her the tips and tricks…until he shuts her down and skips town!

Vell’s competitive spirit is unlocked and she vows to challenge her former best friend with her own team of amateur Status Royale players and beat Jun at his own game, but does she really know who she’s competing against?

Let me show you a preview~

Check out the official monthly serialization » at VIZ!

You can also pre-order Volume 1 » on amazon! or B&N! or Bookshop!

Rejoice, ye! Happy news for fans of Aldric’s Letter Brigade! The next illustrated short story is underway! 🦊💐🏹

Aldric and Zephaniah living it up!

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